R&D and Innovation

Comprehensive Pipeline to Seize the Trend of Cancer Chronicization
Backbone oncology products
Core mono/combo backbone product structure

Envafolimab (first subcutaneous injection PD-L1 mAb worldwide): Pan-cancer, multiple indications

3D189 (WT1): Cancer Vaccine for multiple indications

3D229 (GAS6/AXL): NSCLC/OC/Kidney cancer/Pancreatic Cancer

Pain management solutions
Complemented by pain management solutions

3D1002 (EP-4): Cancer pain/Chronic pain

3D1001 (COX-2): Cancer pain/Chronic pain

Future leading products
Future leading products synergetic with other assets

3D197: IO therapy targeting at multiple indications

3D185 (FGFR1/2/3): BTC/mUC

3D011 (PSMA+TKI): HCC/Prostate Cancer

3D057: Next generation IO therapy