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3D-1002 is a specific EP4 antagonist with a better safety profile, quick response and sustained analgesic effect. As a next-generation analgesic, 3D-1002 is believed to be the potential substitute for conventional NSAIDs. In October, 2020, 3D Medicines acquired the exclusive license from Haihe BioPharma (originally licensed by AskAt, Inc.) for the development and commercialization of 3D-1002 in all analgesia indications in China. The Phase I clinical trial in China is on-going.


Function of EP4 in anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

The receptors of the critical PGE2 include 4 sub-types EP1/2/3/4. EP4 (also named PTGER4), a G-protein coupled receptor, is the critical receptor of PGE2, and its activation will increase the inflammatory reaction in cells. Recent studies also showed a potential function of EP4 in tumor generation and growth.


Clinical trial of 3D-1002

3D-1002 has shown better safety and tolerance than conventional NSAIDs in Phase I clinical trial in China.