[Urgent] Senior Pharmacogenomics Bioinformatics Research Scientist

Shanghai 1

[Urgent] Senior Pharmacogenomics Bioinformatics Research Scientist

Scope of responsibilities:

1. Advancing Current Projects with Pharmacogenomics, Gene Expression Profiling, and Second Generation Sequencing Data;

2. Identify and verify disease-related biomarkers for new target discovery in the oncology field;

3. Interdisciplinary computational collaboration with a team of molecular biologists, cell biologists, and clinical research scientists.



1. Ph.D. or equivalent in genetics, computational biology, bioinformatics or related discipline;

2. One or more years of experience in computational biology or postdoctoral experience;

3. Background in genetic correlation analysis and gene expression profiling;

4. Solid programming and debugging skills in Perl, Python, R, or other advanced programming environments;

5. Proficiency in the use of commercial and open source bioinformatics software and open source databases;

6. Familiarity with the application of statistical methods to the analysis and interpretation of RNA sequence, NGS, and bioassay data;

7. Familiarity with Linux shell scripts and tools.