Shanghai 1


Scope of responsibilities:

1. Write or review statistics-related contents for clinical protocols;

2. Develop specific research procedures for assigned projects as needed;

3. Responsible for the design of statistical aspects of the CRF;

4. Responsible for managing statistical tasks related to assigned projects;

5. Develop statistical analysis plans, including definitions of derived data sets, and templates for designing statistical tables, graphs, and/or templates of data tabulations for clinical summary reports;

6. Understand and use relevant computer languages and software packages, write programs to select, retrieve, operate, edit, and analyze data;

7. Prepare statistical summary reports; write the statistical methods section of the synthesis research, review and approve the draft synthesis research;

8. Analysis and programming of documents and files, ensuring a complete audit trial and participating in the development of project documentation standards;

9. Research and application of new statistical procedures.



1. Master's degree or higher in mathematics, biostatistics, clinical health and epidemiology or related fields;

2. CET6 with effective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

3. Proficiency in statistical software for data processing;

4. More than one-year experience in a pharmaceutical company;

5. Excellent organization and teamwork skills and independent problem-solving skills.