[Urgent] Cancer Drug Development Scientist

Shanghai Some

[Urgent] Cancer Drug Development Scientist

Scope of responsibilities:

The candidate will be responsible for designing and validating in vitro and in vivo models to characterize lead/candidate antibodies/small molecules, and to use these assays and models to elucidate the in vitro potency and in vivo pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of the candidate drugs. The candidate will also help to develop biomarkers to support the clinical development, and possibly the diagnosis tools for patient selection. In the meantime, the candidate will play a role in the management of laboratory work, CRO coordination, target evaluation and other project related tasks.



Applicants should have PhD/Master degree in immunology, oncology, biology, genetics or related fields. Fresh Ph.D. (or Master with 2+ years of industry experience) with a background in oncology/ immunology/pharmacology is preferred.


Related skills and experience should include:

1. Expertise of cellular and biochemical assays, including cell culture, molecular biology, cellular assays for characterizing antibodies/small molecules;

2. Expertise of in in vitro or in vivo models;

3. Knowledge of cancer genesis, the treatment of cancer and the immune-oncology therapies;

4. Experience in animal models of oncology, with the knowledge of exposure-efficacy is a plus;

5. Experience in CRO coordination is a plus;

6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Chinese.